Chemaly and Company S.A.R.L. (Chemaly and Company Limited) is a corporate advisory services firm incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Lebanon.

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Terms of Use:
The Website is provided for general information purposes only, to clients, colleagues and the public.

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Privacy Policy:
The Website and its Content are the sole and exclusive property of Chemaly and Company. The Website visitors agree to respect the proprietary rights of Chemaly and Company by not using or reproducing the Content, wholly or partially, for any purpose, whether commercial or personal; and by not using the Website in any way that might impair its purpose. Authorized use shall be valid only if expressed in writing by Chemaly and Company, and authorized use is transferable unless expressed in writing by Chemaly and Company.

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The Website is published without any express or implied warranty of accuracy of the Content available, and without any express or implied allegation of genuineness of the information.

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Other Provisions:
Chemaly and Company is committed to conducting business in a manner that complies with the highest ethical standards including, among other things, transparency, non-discrimination, anti bribery and anti-corruption standards.

Chemaly and Company shall not provide any financial or investment services, as an example among other services, shall not act as a financial arranger or broker.

The right to challenge or complain is preserved to any client on any part of his relationship with Chemaly and Company. Complaints addressed to the company will be reviewed, and if deemed reasonable, corrective action shall be taken by Chemaly and Company.

This Agreement is separable. Any provision is independent and fully enforceable distinctively from each other provision. Any provision deemed illegal or invalid does not render any other provision illegal or invalid.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction: This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Lebanon. Any dispute which may arise from this Agreement shall be settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Republic of Lebanon.