Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is unknown to the MENA region, but is developing in the United States and Europe. However, its entrance into the MENA market is a soon to realize necessity.

LPO is the process by which a company or a law firm outsources the review of legal and corporate documents to a third party, such as Chemaly and Company, for review and editing.

This practice developed due to the growing fees billed by lawyers to firms for their time spent on reviewing company documentation. Since these come in considerable quantities, the related fees charged on clients have considerable amounts and are causing clients to refuse payment.

At Chemaly and Company, legal professionals review the documents for consistently lower fees, easing thus the financial costs on firms and enabling them to pay the core fees for the core legal work, and even, for other developmental projects.

Our legal reviewers can do this work for you, save you time and money, and maintain the highest standards of documentation thanks to the supervision of senior lawyers.

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