Message from the Founder

One cannot abandon easily 40 years of excellence and quality in service.

This is why Chemaly & Co. is established, building on a generation of experience, and rewriting its services to fill its clients’ current and future needs.

We are confident that we provide quality services, because we strive and persist, because our nerves were tested against the severest working conditions, wars, monetary crashes, adverse economic conditions, and yet... We protected our clients to the best possible.

Today we look into a new experience, building on the values of our past and developing into what we strongly believe the future will be.

For this new experience to succeed, we need to keep up with the world and its constant change, and for that to occur, we always research, update our knowledge and venture into new forms the corporate world requires, and shall rely on with time.

I proudly present to you our new incorporation and invite you to read through the content of the website.

Best regards,
Joseph F. Chemaly
Founding Partner