We advise on a broad range of structural and transactional matters, ranging from frameworks to contracts, incorporation to secretarial work.

Our concern when approaching matters is to get the right qualification of the matter in order to provide with the most suitable service. In our understanding, a suitable service is the work that covers all the requirements of the client, and most importantly, protects him from legal and regulatory risks, and possible losses that result from unforeseen or neglected liabilities.

Below are non-exhaustive lists of capacities that are produced at Chemaly and Company, each in its respective discipline.

Organizational Design

Organization Structure, Size, Strategy, Technology, Environment and Culture;
Hierarchy, Command and Control;
Pattern of Relationships between Roles and Departments;
Predominant Centers inside the Organization;
Planning, Directing, Organizing and Controlling activities;
Policies and Procedures;
Expansion and Downsizing.  

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